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Textpraxis publishes scholarly articles and essays under three content sections:

1. Literature and Society

  • Societal relevance of literature and literary studies
  • Theories of society
  • Cultural studies and literary studies

2. Theories of Literary Study

  • Literary theories
  • History of literary studies
  • Theories and methods of literary studies

3. Literary Studies and Praxis

  • Practical fields of applied knowledge gained from literary studies
  • The literature market
  • Key-qualifications for literary studies
  • The relationship between literary theory and praxis

For the sections »Literature and Society« and »Theories of Literary Study«, thematically related articles that follow academic standards are welcome. The articles can be oriented around particular text(s), utilize systematic or theoretical approaches, or focus on historical perspectives and reception. The concept of ›text‹ should not be understood in a limited sense, but includes multiple media and genres.

For the section »Literary Studies and Praxis«, non-academic writers should also have an opportunity to communicate. Writers and people active in fields of cultural production, from publishing, journalism, or other professions related to the field of literature, are encouraged to submit. These articles can take the form of essays, interviews, and journalistic prose. There is a possibility to incorporate various media formats, including audio and visual materials. An appropriate review process remains applicable.

The editors would like to expressly encourage the submission of articles that address problems and encourage our readers and contributors to engage in debates and to research along paths opened by previous investigations.

The languages of publication are German and English.

Submission and Work-Flow

To submit articles please send us your abstract as an e-mail attachment.

Submitted articles will be selected by the editorial board. Manuscripts will be prepared for publication through cooperation with external reviewers. The editorial process is not anonymous, but rather depends on an open, productive intellectual exchange between authors and reviewers. New articles appear in the coming issue of Textpraxis, once in the spring and again in the fall of each year.

Submitted articles can also be conceived of as direct responses to articles already published by Textpraxis. They should engage with themes and lines of inquiry, and ideally inspire a new debate or continue an ongoing one. Response articles are also place onto one of the three sections and will also be demarked as response articles, with a direct link to the initial article that inspired the response. Response articles are published immediately after review and will receive bibliographic citation according to the next appearing issue of Textpraxis.

There are no charges of any kind (no APCs / no publication fee / no article submission charges etc.)


For formatting guidelines for your article, please see our stylesheet.

Licensing & Copyright Notice

All articles are licensed under a Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International. Authors hold the copyright and retain publishing rights without restrictions.