Cover of Issue # 20

Textpraxis # 20 (2.2022)

In Textpraxis # 20, Andree Michaelis-König examines the critical reactions of younger (post-)migrant authors to the recent debates on the concept of ›homeland‹ in his essay. He discusses to what extent authors such as Saša Stanišić, Sasha Marianna Salzmann, and Taudy Pathmanathan develop innovative alternative understandings of community. Anna-Maria Senuysal’s contribution analyzes how different levels of verrückung collide with a view to Weiss’ Hölderlin play from 1971/1972: A closer look reveals that the text performs displacements on a historical-discursive, expressive, and content-related level. Tilman Venzl’s essay highlights a poetics of perplexity that emerges from the totality of Rainald Grebe’s performances and communicates itself to the audience in an appellative manner.